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Tier 5

A Tier 5 licence is the most basic licence the BBA offers and grants the user access to the BBA’s historical bbalibor database.

The BBA’s bbalibor historical database covers bbalibor’s inception in 1986 through until a seven day delay from the present day.

A Tier 5 licence is required if a company needs historic bbalibor for commercial reasons, such as putting data into their systems. Even if a company receives historical bbalibor data from another party, to use that data in their systems and/or for commercial reasons requires a licence from the BBA.

A Tier 5 does not allow redistribution of the rates and is for internal use only. For example, the rates may be posted on a company’s intranet, but not their public website. If a product is supplied by the licencee, but the underlying data can reasonably be reverse engineered, a Tier 4 licence is required instead.

If you have any interest in a Tier 5 Licence then please contact us

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