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Tier 3

A Tier 3 licence supplies same day data to the user via email, website login, email, 'push' FTP transfer or from a nominated tier 1 or 2 data provider.

Data is provided at 5:00pm London time for internal use only. The user will be unable to display bbalibor on their own external website, or provide any rates to their clients. However, bbalibor can be displayed on their company intranet.

If the data provided by a Tier 3 licencee to a client or users can be reverse engineered - thereby deriving bbalibor rates from the metric - a Tier 2, not a Tier 3, licence is appropriate.

Tier 3 includes the full suite of 150 rates. The BBA are regretfully unable to enter into agreements to distribute a subset of the bbalibor rate calculations.

If you have any interest in a Tier 3 Licence then please contact us

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