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Tier 2

A Tier 2 licence allows the user to redistribute same day delayed data. A complete set of bbalibor rates will be provided to the user every UK business day at 5:00pm London time.

This data can be provided via:

i.) Email, with attachments in text (.txt) or Excel (.xls) format.

ii.) Access to the secure section of the bbalibor website where the files are updated daily.

iii.) A nominated Tier 1 data provider where terms of that feed will be arranged between the user and nominated provider.

iv.) 'Push' FTP transfer conducted at 5pm London time every business day.

A Tier 2 licence allows for redistribution of bbalibor after 5:00pm London time, where redistribution includes putting rates on a website or providing the data to a client. This licence also gives full access to historical bbalibor data.

However, a Tier 2 user who distributes their rates must be aware that any data they vend to their clients must have a licence from the BBA where applicable.

If you have any interest in a Tier 2 Licence then please contact us

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