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Please note that without the express permission of the BBA, no company is allowed to display bbalibor on their website or use the data for commercial purposes.

To receive and use current or historical bbalibor data requires a licence. The BBA offer 7 different types of licence which vary according to user requirements.

All licences include the full suite of 150 rates, and the BBA are regretfully unable to enter into agreements to distribute a subset of the bbalibor rate calculations. The rates are for 15 maturities - from overnight to 12 months - and are currently provided for 10 currencies (Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Danish Krone, Euro, Sterling, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Swedish Krona and US Dollar).

If a company wishes to receive the rates when they are published to the market at around 12pm London Time, a Tier 1 licence is required, which allows for live receipt and redistribution privileges. There are two other live licences: a Tier 2a which allows receipt of data at 12:30pm London Time but redistribution only from 5pm, and a Live Internal Licence that delivers the data at 12:30pm but does not permit redistribution at all.

If a company requires same day data but at the end of day, two licences deliver the data at 5pm London Time: one allows for external redistribution, the other only internal use.

Two historical licences also exist which provide one week delayed rates in files which are updated at 5pm every business day.

Our licences operate in a tiered system, where a higher licence will incorporate all of the privileges of licences below it. For example, a Tier 3 (same day internal redistribution) licence would provide the same privileges as a Tier 4 and 5. The only exception to this is the Live Internal Licence.

For information and prices please enquire in the contact us section.




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