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Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards - Written evidence from the BBA

The British Bankers' Association (BBA) welcomes the opportunity to make this written submission in response to the initial call for evidence issued on 26th July by the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards. read more

BBA statement regarding the Treasury Committee’s preliminary findings on Libor

The British Bankers' Association said:

"This is a significant contribution to the work the British Bankers' Association and the regulatory authorities have been undertaking to ensure the integrity of the benchmark. read more

BBA statement regarding emails released by the Bank of England

In respect of the BBA 2008 consultation document on LIBOR read more

LIBOR Statement - Thursday 28 June

The BBA said:

"The British Bankers' Association is shocked by yesterday's report about LIBOR. The banks which contribute to the LIBOR rate must meet the necessary obligations to their regulators. read more

Your mortgage and the markets

Why you pay the mortgage rate you do

The mortgage market has changed enormously since the credit crunch. Although property prices across the UK have fallen, first-time buyers now have to build substantial deposits before getting on to the property-owning ladder. read more

Small business lending bankfacts

Bank lending to small businesses is one of the most important services banks undertake. Lending enables businesses to grow, take on more employees and ultimately generate greater wealth. While the benefits of lending to small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to the wider society are clear, it is important that banks can earn a return on this activity in order to sustain that service throughout the business cycle. read more

BBA FCA Seminar - Evolving Business Models in Banking

Presentation by David Sayer, Partner, Global Head of Retail Banking, KPMG LLP read more

BBA / BBA Enterprises Ltd / BBA LIBOR Ltd address and corporate information

BBA Addresses read more

BBA issues customer factsheet on base rates

The economic factors which govern high street bank interest rates are summarised in a new factsheet published by the British Bankers' Association following today's Bank of England decision on interest rates. read more

My mortgage and LIBOR

While the Bank of England fixes official base rates, BBA LIBOR reflects the actual costs for banks to borrow money from each other. Mortgages which have rates set to LIBOR will be influenced by movements in these rates, which do not necessarily always closely reflect movements in the Bank of England base rate. read more

Banks Welcome Government Action

Moves to support the banking industry and to inject liquidity into the money markets were welcomed by the UK's leading banks as they acted to cut interest rates on mortgages and loans. read more

BBA Libor overnight rates fall

The cost of borrowing US dollars overnight fell 1.4 per cent to 5.03 per cent. read more

Statement regarding BBA LIBOR rates

The LIBOR overnight rate recognises that, in the current uncertain market conditions, banks are looking to their own liquidity as the priority. read more

BBA LIBOR Review Consultation Feedback Statement

In June the BBA launched a wide-ranging consultation on strengthening BBA LIBOR. read more

BBA announces steps to strengthen LIBOR

The global borrowing benchmark BBA LIBOR is to be strengthened by reinforcing the scrutiny of its contributor banks and expanding the membership of its governing body and its panels. read more

BBA Newsletter - Issue 102 May/June 08

In this issue: LIBOR, Capital Requirements Directive, Retail Distribution Review, Savings Gateway Consultation and more. read more

Comment on today’s BBA LIBOR movements

Commenting on today's movements in interbank lending rates, Angela Knight, Chief Executive of the British Bankers' Association, said: The continued rise in BBA LIBOR rates reflects increasing liquidity pressures in funding markets internationally. read more

BBA LIBOR falls on central bank intervention

The first BBA LIBOR fixings since yesterdays central bank interventions shows banks are today borrowing money from each other at lower rates. read more

Certificates of Deposits

Certificates of deposit (CDs) are negotiable time deposits made at a bank or a building society. read more

Rate rises reflect demand for New Year cash

The strong demand for cash over the traditionally illiquid New Year period has pushed three month sterling BBA LIBOR rates to a two-month high. read more

BBA glossary puts the crunch on jargon

The global credit crunch is to the fore among new entries featured in a revised glossary of financial terms on the British Bankers' Association website. read more

Sterling rates continue to drop

Further to yesterday's announcement from the Bank of England that it intends to conduct an auction for funds with three month maturity, Sterling BBA LIBOR rates have dropped. read more

Rates drop sharply following Fed rate cut

BBA LIBOR rates responded to the decision yesterday by the Federal Open Market Committee to cut US rates from 5.25 per cent to 4.75 per cent. read more

Overnight Sterling rate falls back into line with trend towards easier interbank markets

Overnight Sterling BBA LIBOR set at 6.14250 per cent today, having spiked to 6.46875 yesterday. read more

Overnight rate up amid continued general easing

Three-month and twelve month Sterling BBA LIBOR rates have continued their recent downward trend, with the key three-month rate dropping from 6.82375 to 6.75125. read more

Confidence continues to increase in the credit market

Sterling BBA LIBOR rates have continued their recent trend down from historic highs against the base rate. read more

Further easing of rates the first ray of hope for the credit markets?

Sterling BBA LIBOR has dropped today across all maturities. The Overnight rate has dropped to 5.87375 from a peak of 6.2475 per cent on 3rd September. read more

Signs of easing in the credit markets?

Three month Sterling BBA LIBOR eased back fractionally from its peak today. read more

Further signs of markets stabilising

Today's BBA LIBOR figures show further signs of stability in lending rates in major markets following recent volatility. read more

Long-term Sterling rates hit record highs while short-term pressures ease

The European Central Bank's intervention this morning to inject short-term liquidity into the market has brought overnight lending rates in the Eurozone sharply down, as indicated by the drop in overnight euro BBA LIBOR from 4.68 to 4.13125. read more

Horses for courses?

Diverging rates highlight differing strategies among UK, US and Eurozone central banks. read more

BBA LIBOR: overnight rate falls for second day

Today's BBA LIBOR overnight sterling rate has fallen back for the second day running after three days of rising levels. read more

Markets recover, worries persist

This morning, UK markets led a recovery after suffering heavy losses last week. read more

Key facts about BBA LIBOR

As economists scour the markets for signs of a credit crunch, attention is turning to BBA LIBOR as one of the key indicators of what the market is thinking. read more

BBA LIBOR panels 2007

In accordance with the BBA LIBOR Definition the British Bankers' Association (BBA) has completed its review of the composition of the BBA LIBOR Contributor Panels. These are the banks that contribute to the BBA's LIBOR rate–setting process. read more

Bankers’ site hits all-time high

More people than ever before have accessed the British Bankers' website figures reveal today. read more

Change to contributors for the BBA Canadian Dollar LIBOR panel

With effect from November 1, 2006, Lloyds TSB will replace Bank of Nova Scotia as a contributor to the BBA Canadian Dollar (CAD) LIBOR panel. read more

BBA LIBOR panels 2006

In accordance with the BBA LIBOR Definition the British Bankers' Association (BBA) has completed its review of the composition of the BBA LIBOR Contributor Panels. read more

BBA LIBOR to include fixings in Swedish Krona

The British Bankers' Association (BBA) today announced the establishment of a new BBA LIBOR currency calculation read more

BBA LIBOR Panels 2005

In accordance with the LIBOR Definition the British Bankers Association (BBA) has completed its review of the composition of the LIBOR Contributor Panels. read more

LINDEX - Benchmarking Emerging Market Index Rates

General Since December 2000 the BBA in co-operation with Reuters has been benchmarking South African Rand emerging market interest rates on a daily basis. read more

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