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Welcome to bbalibor. Here you will find information on one of the fundamental benchmarks for global financial markets.

It is calculated each day by Thomson Reuters, to whom major banks submit their cost of borrowing unsecured funds for 15 periods of time in 10 currencies. A trimmed average of the collected figures is then taken to create bbalibor. For more details, click here.

bbalibor is a benchmark used by banks, securities houses and investors to gauge the cost of unsecured borrowing in the London interbank market.

We provide historical data in the rates section of our website for any personal, non-commercial usage of bbalibor. Any commercial application or redistribution is subject to licensing.

For basic details regarding bbalibor, please visit the bbalibor explained section of our website. There are also detailed resources of a technical nature that will be useful for professionals working in financial services.

If you have any queries regarding bbalibor, please contact us and we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.

NOTE: The ‘Wheatley Review of LIBOR’, published on 28th September 2012, has made a number of recommended changes to BBA LIBOR that have been adopted by HM Treasury. Consequently, some of the information contained within this site may be subject to change in the near future. 

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